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Engineering Contrivance , Performance Sustainability
Ark Novin Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Ark Novin proudly provides a high and consistent quality of service in hot-dip galvanization of steel structures and components to several large-scale industries, including telecommunications, gas, oil, petrochemical, electrical, and related industries according to ASTM A123 international standard. Our primary objective at Ark Novin has always been to fully satisfy our customers’ needs and maintain our successful contribution to the galvanization industry. It is, therefore, our main obligation to provide services according to international standards of management system. In order to do so, our objectives are well defined and practiced by every individual on our team, including:
     1-   To fully understand and satisfy our customers
     2-   Constantly improve our processing designs, equipments and products
     3-   Increase our quality services
I declare that I would provide all the necessary sources and constantly improve the quality service of my facility according to international management system standard, ISO 9001 awarded in 2008; and be loyal to my clients, either directly or through my representatives.
R. Majidi
CEO of Ark Novin Galvanizing Factory