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Ark Novin Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Ark Novin Hot-Dip Galvanizing factory was first established as an independent unit in 2001 under the name Gallop Hot-Dip Galvanization facility in an area of 750 m² in Elm-o-sanat Industrial Estate, Tehran-Saveh road. At the beginning of its establishment, the responsibilities of this unit were mainly limited to galvanizing various cable trays, side ladders, rock band, etc. As the unit gradually developed and more diverse projects were handled, the factory had to be moved to a new location in Shams Abad Industrial Estate due to environmental and spatial restrictions. It was then that the factory officially established itself under the name Ark Novin. This relocation allowed for a wider range of processing techniques to be developed in order to meet its customers’ expectations. In addition, more complicated ideas and plans were put into practice for larger-scale projects, such as in electrical, oil, gas, telecommunication and petrochemical industries, without any environmental restrictions. The primary objectives of the management team in terms of further development and efficiency of the processing cycles were also achieved.

The unit is currently located in an area of 8,000 m² and additional strategic measures have been taken into account since 2007 to further develop the unit in order to meet the ever increasing demand on the market for hot-dip galvanization.

Ark Novin galvanizing factory uses a dry hot-dip galvanization technique, which is a conventional procedure in Europe and most parts of the world, although with some modifications included during the process. The processing steps have been developed based on international standards, such as DIN, ISO, ASTM, etc., as well as technical recommendations provided by related associations and committees. Some of the considerable capabilities of Ark Novin factory include the self-design/fabrication of two galvanization baths with 140 x 150 x 650 cm3 and 60 x 120 x 620 cm3 in dimensions, as well as the development of a new line for the galvanization of threaded components, such as various nuts, bolts, etc.

Please refer to the projects web page for more information about the range of products and services of Ark Novin hot-dip galvanizing factory.

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